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Vinum Merum comes from Latin language and means "pure wine". Everyone knows the roman passion for the wine, also they called it Nectar of the Gods, and whose origin was lost in the mists of time. In those days only the "Patrizi", the privileged population, could afford to taste the wine. Although to be frank, the tastes of the Romans were far from ours. They blended the wine with other spices and flavorings which is not traditionally done today.


Fortunately today it is easier to enjoy a good glass of wine because it is easily accessible to the public.Often the wine is bottled outside production area and many wines get a different flavor.
This is due to mixtures, to the point of bottling, and why not, the quality of wines which is destined for foreign markets.Vinum Merum Kvalitet Importør wants to present to the Norwegian market exclusively wine brands, known and unknown, that are genuine and above all produced and bottled on site.
And not only wine,
Vinum Merum Kvalitet Importør is constantly looking for new food products to the Norwegian market food without additives and packaged according to the ancient traditions of the place of production.

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